Woody Hammond is a character in Falling Water.[1]

  • Went to business school with Jones and has taken over his Topeka accounts
  • Was seen by Burton screaming at Jones just before Jones kills himself
  • Appeared in multiple forms at the bar at Marcello's in Burton’s dreams
  • Serves an Ice Cream Sundae to the The Belgian Ambassador in Taka, Burton, and Tess’ dream right before Alice kills The Belgian Ambassador
  • With The Belgian Ambassador in Montreal when he dies of a drug overdose
  • Appears in Bizzy's dreams and has an intense and long lasting relationship with her
  • Appears in Marcello’s with The Boy and Bizzy – is shocked when Burton appears
  • Has known Tess since she was a child and he was a teenager, as they both grew up at Aeskyton. He also is a master of the dream world, and teaches Burton about how some people can navigate between the waking and dreaming worlds, but how Burton has a unique ability to have those two worlds bleed into one another. He knows where the Woman in Red is being held, and by whom. He also is secretly working with H.R. 
  • In 107, Woody and Tess reminisce about their younger years at Aeskyton, and how Woody was the only person from there to visit her when she was at Cranwell. Burton discovers a picture of a younger Woody in a brochure for Aeskyton that the Woman in Red kept, and goes to confront him. However, when he arrives, Bizzy finally snaps and shoots Woody over his manipulation of her dreams. Burton refuses to help Woody until he gives him information - Woody complies. He knows his behavior with Bizzy was despicable and does not blame her for her action.
Woody Hammond is a private equity specialist at The Firm, he has the uncommon ability to invade people’s dreams. Woody’s mischievous exploits often land him in tricky situations, from which he usually manages to escape. Woody's duplicitous nature makes it difficult to gauge where his loyalties lie, as he loves to play all sides against the middle. With Woody, there is no black or white, just a million shades of grey.
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