• A cult linked to dream worship and Tess’ missing son. The cult is also associated with the word TOPEKA. 
  • 12 Members of a cult AKA The Green were found dead in the pilot by Taka.
  • The word TOPEKA was written on the wall where they were found.
  • Known members:
  • Blew up a house to cover their tracks
  • Responsible for the blue His Name Is flyers
  • AMB left her number on the back of a one of these flyer for Taka
  • Taka finally suppresses any reservations and goes with Ann-Marie Bowen and members of the Green, who lead him through the dream world in ways he never knew possible – including an encounter with his mother. 
  • Davey, a junkie who Taka spotted tearing down His Name is Flyers, reveals that he was once a member of the Green, and that they were protecting the Boy, who is “the key to everything” and will allow everyone to see they are dreaming the same dream.