Taka Matsuyama is a character in Falling Water.

  • Taka is a rumpled, highly intuitive cop known to his colleagues as The Hunch. For the last seven years his mother, Kumiko -- an unstable artist -- has been in a perpetual catatonic state. As a result, Taka’s non-work life has become consumed by taking care of her, visiting her almost daily. 
  • He is beginning a romantic relationship with Sabine, without being aware she is Tess’ sister 
  • Taka follows leads on Andy, and crosses paths with both Bill and Tess. He and Tess have a moment of recognition from their dream with the Belgian Ambassador at Marcello’s. He discovers His Name Is flyers in Andy’s suitcase, and follows the address on the luggage tag to an art studio featuring one of Kumiko’s pieces. Ann-Marie Bowen appears at the scene where Andy’s body was found, and later invites Taka to join her to help him – she reveals that Kumiko is trapped inside her dreams.  
  • Taka agreed to go with Ann-Marie Bowen and members of the Green, and they take him into a dream to help him understand more of what they are capable of. He is concerned with Alice’s involvement – but they all assure him they know Kumiko through the dream world. They take Taka to a waking world location, where Kumiko suddenly appears – still catatonic. How have they brought her from the dream world into the waking world, while her waking physical self is still at St. John B’s, is beyond Taka.   
  • Taka and Sabine further explore their relationship. During the blackout in 107, Sabine and Taka see a man ripping down His Name Is flyers - Taka tracks the man, Davey, down, and he reveals significant information regarding the Boy. He is the key to everything - the one who will “turn on the lights” and allow everyone to see they are all dreaming parts of the same dream. When Taka finds out Tess followed a trail of the flyers to an abandoned house and took pictures of a shrine to the Boy, he heads to the house and discovers that his mother’s signature is on the artwork for the shrine.