Olivia Watson is a character in Falling Water.

The Woman in Red is an enigma. She is beautiful, intelligent, and knows Burton better than he knows himself. She and Burton met in a bar in London. Their attraction was chemical and instantaneous. They fell into bed. Their relationship proceeded in stormy fits and starts as the distance and Burton’s controlling nature pushed against their passionate and undeniable connection. Then, they broke up. But they never let go. Now after a night in Burton’s bed, she has disappeared. As if she never existed at all. Did she? Or was she just Burton’s ongoing dream?
— Official Bio

Doesn't always wear red, wore a black dress when she went to dinner with Burton at Marcello's in "Don't Tell Bill"

It's said that she always stays at The Pierre when she's in New York, but there's no record of her ever having stayed there.

  • The woman of Burton’s dreams – quite literally
  • She is mentioned by Jones right before he kills himself
  • Burton is unable to tell if she is real or exists only in his dreams
  • Burton cannot find proof of her in real life
  • Tells Burton they cannot make it without one another
  • She has begun appearing to Burton in his waking life –  and Isla can see her as well.
  • 105 reveals that she is trapped in a dank cell in the waking world. 
  • Woody hurls Burton into the dream world to see the Woman in Red – she and Burton have a moment, but two faceless men rip them apart.  
  • In 107, in a flashback to a dinner party, the Woman in Red discusses a book proposal she is working on regarding cults, specifically about a cult surrounding dreams (The Green). H.R. Arnault is also at the dinner party, and very interested in the book.  
  • Burton finally discovers proof the Woman in Red exists in the waking world from the information he procured in 106 from H.R.’s fireplace. A storage unit filled with her belongings, including her typewriter and peacock robe, and most importantly - a flyer for Aeskyton with Woody’s photo in it.   

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