A talented artist, Taka’s mother Kumiko also suffers from manic depression and has been catatonic for the last seven years.

Taka often sees her as her younger self in his dreams, he also spotted her in the woods in the waking world as he followed Ann-Marie Bowen of The Green. But was she really there? 

  • Kumiko is a patient at a psychiatric care facility, St. John Bosco, where Tess’ sister Sabine works as a psychotherapist. 
  • At the end of "Castles Made of Sand", episode 104, Kumiko screams out, seemingly in reaction to Taka and Sabine’s romantic encounter
  • Kumiko remains unchanged at the beginning of 105. Taka discovers a sculpture of hers linked to Andy, and looks at her other pieces in a book detailing all of her work. Ann-Marie Bowen asks Taka to trust her and come with her, and reveals that Kumiko is trapped inside her dreams. 
  • Kumiko is somehow able to appear to Taka and the members of the Green in the waking world, despite being physically in her room, catatonic, at St. John B. 
  • Kumiko’s signature is featured on the artwork of the RARE EARTH METALS/RAPID EYE MOVEMENT shrine to the Boy in 107.