A Dreamer is an individual within the Falling Water universe who is capable of retaining their awareness while in a dream state. Properly trained, they are capable not only of controlling their own dreams, but also of entering the dreams of other people. Within this category are a number of sub-categories:

Architects are Dreamers who possess the power to build things within their dreams and those of other people. They are very rare and very powerful. Charlotte Brighton, her daughter Tess, and her grandson James are known Architects.

Manipulators are Dreamers who use their talents to manipulate the dreams of others in order to plant subconscious ideas into their heads. They are usually malevolent, and often sell their services to the rich and powerful. Woody Hammond and Olivia Watson are two examples.

Skaters are Dreamers with a unique level of lucidity that allows them to see through other people's dreams. They can see and move through the walls and floors of dreams, accessing things that the dreaming person might have hidden from others, or from themselves. Burton Mann is a particular powerful Skater, using his talents in his capacity as an investigator for The Firm.

Barnacles are a unique class of Dreamers. While they may possess talents from other classes of Dreamers, and remain lucid in a dreaming state, they are unable to form their own dreams and thus wander among other people's dreams. Isla and Bill Boerg are two examples of this.