Bizzy Hull is the wife of Nicholas Hull, the head of The Firm. She was targeted by Woody Hammond as part of his efforts to dig up information on her husband. Using his powers, Woody entered her dreams and seduced her, carrying on an affair that lasted several months.

Her dream affair with Woody eventually brought her to the attention of Burton Mann, the Firm's security and compliance officer, who saw her at Marcello's, burning her wrist with a cigarette. When he saw her in real life, at Jones' wake, burning her wrist again, he began to realize that he was a Dreamer. Another dream encounter with Bizzy in Marcello’s, this time in the company of Woody and The Boy, caused Burton to suspect that Woody was manipulating her, and thus he enlisted her help.

Bizzy helped Burton to track Woody in the dream world, and in doing so, realized that Woody had been invading and manipulating her dreams.

Bizzy’s relationship with Woody haunted her afterwards, and she turned to Burton for advice. She eventually cracked and shot Woody in the leg in 107. Afterwards, Burton took her to a rehabilitation center.