Bill Boerg is a character in Falling Water.

Founder and CEO of Boerg Industries, a tech company that makes cutting edge smartphones (The latest being the Boerg 4gen), Bill is obsessed with connectivity and the possibility that through our dreams we can connect directly into each other’s psyches -- “Cerebral cortex to cerebral cortex.” For years, Bill has funded dream research through an R&D arm of his corporation. When he comes across Tess (with her powerful dreams), Bill offers to help her prove her son actually exists if in return she will participate in his research.
— Official Bio
  • Creator of the Good Dreamer Project
  • Fascinated with Tess – tracked her down to make her a part of the experiment
  • Enlists Tess with help for his own dreams – he reveals that his sister used to take him on adventures in their dreams when they were young, but that she fell catatonic. He believed she was still in there, but her parents send her to a psychiatric ward where she dies at 16. In his dream, he appears to be stuck on a school bus – trying to sit with his sister, but she keeps leaping to another seat. Tess leads him away from the bus, and he is thrilled. They are then pursued by two Faceless men, and Tess spots The Boy in a window in a building down the street. Bill tells her to run – and he faces the men and stops them, seemingly much more adept at dreaming than he appeared to be.
  • Bill helps Tess escape an uncomfortable situation with Sabine and Taka at the end of 107