• Andy was the first member of Bill’s dream experiments who Tess encountered in her dreams.
  • He told her "Don’t tell Bill.", in the episode of the same name, when she saw him in her dream and he appeared to be escaping
  • Ann-Marie Bowen asked him for help in tracking down Tess and The Boy
  • Tess spots him in a club where she has an unsettling encounter with Levon, and he runs
  • He is found dead in a dumpster at the end of "Castles Made of Sand", bleeding from the chest – in the same place Tess stabbed a Faceless Man chasing her in her dreams
  • In "Ambergris", Taka finds Andy’s suitcase at the airport – filled with the blue His Name Is flyers. He follows the address on Andy’s luggage tag, where he discovers a sculpture covered in peep-holes, designed by Kumiko.